4 Words That Help Me Embrace Life’s Chaos

Having 4 kids is crazy. A house that is never clean. Laundry that never ends. Kids that are never quiet. There is maybe 4 hours of silence a day here, and that would be when we are all sleeping. I am so thankful that these walls can’t talk. I know there are some people with 5, 6, or 19 kids …

molly4 Words That Help Me Embrace Life’s Chaos

The Importance of Mommy Friends

I’m over on Tommy Nelson with a Prayer for Mommy Friends. As a mom to 4 who no longer works in a typical office setting, the need for mommy friends is more needed than ever. The crying, screaming, fighting of these sweet little toddlers aren’t understood by many, but my mommy friends – they TOTALLY get it. They I feel …

mollyThe Importance of Mommy Friends

Avoiding Controversy

Controversy quote

Maybe it’s the recovering people pleaser in me, but in all my years blogging – i’ve avoided┬ácontroversy. Yeah, I know – I am sure I am missing out on trolls, traffic, readers, haters and what not – but it’s just not what I wanted to be known for and in your face controversy just isn’t my style. But then I …

mollyAvoiding Controversy

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