How to Create an AWESOME Bible Study Group

GNO Bible Study

Last year, I felt the tug again to join a life group. We have been in a few life groups – but honestly we just couldn’t find a place that we felt accepted. Our views differ slightly from others and well – we have 4 kids which isn’t always easy to accommodate. I wasn’t going to let those factors stop me …

mollyHow to Create an AWESOME Bible Study Group

Going the Direction of the Wind

Going the Direction of the Wind

The wind blows this way and that, and so does life. Embracing change has been a theme in my life for the last decade or so. I worked in a crazy work environment that had my sails changing each day. For nearly 11 years, I loved ALMOST every minute of it. The wind in my life changed direction. I had …

mollyGoing the Direction of the Wind



It’s time to simplify. I am at a point in my life where there’s just too damn much going on. 4 kids will TOTALLY do that to you. I really am not 100% sure what I want at the moment in regards to where I want to live or who I want to be, I just know I want life …


Outgoing Personality That’s Introverted


THIS! My husband swears I am an extrovert. Uh, but I really don’t think so. I mean I LIKE people and I LIKE to talk, kind of – but then I totally don’t. Confusing? ME TOO! Then I read this: 18 Struggles of Having an Outgoing Personality BUT Actually Being Shy & Introverted  

mollyOutgoing Personality That’s Introverted

Do You Fear Setting Boundaries

setting boundaries

I originally wrote this post on BOUNDARIES in 2010 – on my now defunct personal blog because some lame-o stole my domain. booo.. Anyways, stumbled across it in the archives and thought it was still something that means a lot in my life and that i’d share. Many many years ago, I worked as a call-in operator (think customer service …

mollyDo You Fear Setting Boundaries

Sometimes You Just See the Light

seeing the light

Me and the kids were hiking on trails at a local museum. It’s a short trail and hiking does NOT fall into our typical everyday or even sometimes routine. It was something new and actually something we all enjoyed (so maybe TEXAS, if you give us good summer weather, we may just do this more often.) The trail we walked …

mollySometimes You Just See the Light

I Love How He Loves Me

molly thornberg

I love how He loves me. And I love that He connected me with a man that loves me the way he loves me. Sappy? Yes. But it’s the truth. I know I am not an easy person to love: I am a gypsy at heart. I say bad words. I am unconventional. I don’t take direction well. I suck at …

mollyI Love How He Loves Me

Stop to Smell the Flowers

stop and smell the flowers

*inhale* Do you smell it? If you are in my house, what you inhaled was most likely old pizza, a dirty diaper, dog crap, febreeze and a candle. That’s what the flowers smell like in my life and while I’d love it to smell more like lavender – I’m learning to just STOP and enjoy it for what it is, …

mollyStop to Smell the Flowers

4 Words That Help Me Embrace Life’s Chaos

Having 4 kids is crazy. A house that is never clean. Laundry that never ends. Kids that are never quiet. There is maybe 4 hours of silence a day here, and that would be when we are all sleeping. I am so thankful that these walls can’t talk. I know there are some people with 5, 6, or 19 kids …

molly4 Words That Help Me Embrace Life’s Chaos

The Importance of Mommy Friends

I’m over on Tommy Nelson with a Prayer for Mommy Friends. As a mom to 4 who no longer works in a typical office setting, the need for mommy friends is more needed than ever. The crying, screaming, fighting of these sweet little toddlers aren’t understood by many, but my mommy friends – they TOTALLY get it. They I feel …

mollyThe Importance of Mommy Friends